Songs are based on things! (Part I)

Did you know The Knack’s song My Sharona is based on a real person by that name, who is now a real estate agent in California?
-Jimmy Pardo and Danielle Koenig, Never Not Funny #412

Too cheesy, even for Chicago

Didja know that Chicago turned down the chance to perform Got to Get you Into My Life in the movie Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band?
-Jimmy Pardo, Never Not Funny #514

I love the phrase “above his station”

Hey, did you know America’s Got Talent host Nick Cannon is married to Mariah Carey?
-Matt Belknap, Never Not Funny #514

How can we be lovers if I have a stupid name?

Hey did you know Michael Bolton’s real name is Michael Bolotin?
Matt Belknap, Never Not Funny #510

This is a test…

Hey, did you know that Van Halen demanded to have M&Ms in their dressing room, but with all the brown ones removed! Crazy huh? (Link to actual rider.)
Jimmy Pardo, Never Not Funny #411

Why did he give her a cross-eyed bear?

Did you know that Alanis Morissette’s song You Oughtta Know is about her break-up with Dave Coulier?
Submitted by Stig

Easier than cello in a marching band

Didja know Woody Allen plays clarinet in a band? Yeah, that’s why he’s never at the Oscars, even if he’s nominated; he’d rather play in his band, man!
Jimmy Pardo, Never Not Funny #510

He needs a new lawyer

Did you know Huey Lewis sued Ray Parker, Jr. for similarities between the Ghostbusters theme song and  I Want a New Drug?
Matt Belknap, Never Not Funny Live at MaxFunCon

He was in Steely Dan, and you’re not

Hey, did you know Chevy Chase was an original member of Steely Dan?
Jimmy Pardo, UCLA Convention Center lobby, to me.

Trivia! Eat it up, yum!

Did you know that Billy Mumy, who played Will Robinson on the old Lost in Space TV show, was in a music duo called Barnes & Barnes, and they did that weird Fish Heads song? It’s true! [See comment for surprise bonus trivia.]
Jimmy Pardo, Never Not Funny #308

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