Heeeyyyyyy, here’s where the title goes

Hey did you know Henry Winkler is the nicest guy in show business?
-Jimmy Pardo, Never Not Funny #608 (and others)

I wonder if they met at Molly Ringwald’s barbecue?

Hey did you know the guy who played Jake in 16 candles wasn’t really an actor?*
-Jimmy Pardo, Pardcast-a-thon 2009, Janet Varney segment

*Although this claim cannot be independently verified, I was directly ordered by Mr. Pardo to post it. I take no responsibility for its veracity.

Not for use on computer monitors

Did you know that Michael Nesmith’s (of the Monkees) mother invented Wite-out?
(Technically, it was Liquid Paper.)
-Submitted by stubbypete