Still Alive… Sort Of

The Obvious Trivia repository is still here! Although it’s not really A Thing on Never Not Funny anymore. I occasionally link to this site, and continue to add entries in the rare times Obvious Trivia comes up. Enjoy the archives! You can still vote and view results of the polls.


Why Hasn’t This Been Updated (Much) Since 2010?

Good question, and I have a very good answer. was started to catalog “Obvious Trivia” that came up on Jimmy Pardo’s award winning podcast Never Not Funny. But then I started, which is the official home of show notes for the podcast. When any obvious trivia comes up on the show, it’s now part of the show notes, including the ability to vote,  just like here.

So, don’t fear. This site will remain up for the forseeable future as an archive of past obvious trivia, but for all your NeverNotFunny show note needs, including obvious trivia, just head on over to