What does the “M” stand for now?

Did you know that the first video on MTV was Video Killed the Radio Star by the Buggles?
Submitted by Shawn.

Disinherited after The Wicker Man

Did you know that Nicholas Cage is Francis Ford Coppola’s nephew?
Submitted by Stig.

What about his funky bunch?

Did you know that Mark Wahlberg’s penis in Boogie Nights was a prosthetic?
Submitted by Stig.

He also used to be male

Did you know that Michael Jackson is a former Jehovah’s Witness?
Submitted by Gretchen.

Typecast as being level-headed

Listen up people! Did you know the judge in My Cousin Vinny (Fred Gwynn) was also Herman Munster in the TV show The Munsters? Huh? Didja?
Submitted by Shane. (Jimmy Pardo, Never Not Funny Episode #143.) 

Holy crap! Two scary roles!

Hey, did you know that Peter Boyle played not only Ray Romano’s dad on Everybody Loves Raymond, but also played The Monster in Young Frankenstein?
Submitted by Shane.

King Ralph was totally robbed at Oscar time

Did you know that John Goodman is actually a good actor?
Submitted by Shane.

Maybe they should have called him Snorter. (Too soon?)

“Slimer” in Ghostbusters is based on John Belushi.
Submitted by Zaner.

His acting has gotten worse ever since.

Kevin Costner played the corpse in The Big Chill.
Submitted by Zaner.

And The Last Crusade wasn’t really last. Damn.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom came second, but is actually set before Raiders of the Lost Ark.
Submitted by Zaner.

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